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hand trimmed sea otter fur earrings

Newest Collection

The Diamond Collection

Carley Thayer wearing dangle sea otter fur earrings

Bering sea design favorites

Ethereal Collection

Mixed metal Jewelry adorned with sea otter fur inspired by my Aleut heritage and the rugged elegance of the ocean.

Grounded. Present. Inspired


Hand Trimmed Fur

Using my signature technique I hand trim the sea otter fur to give dimension and design to my pieces. Trimming the fur exposes the natural ombre of the sea otter fur and reveals the sea otter velvet.


Ocean Inspired Patina

The vibrate blue-green patina's that you will find in many of my pieces is inspired by the Aleut peoples dependency on the ocean and pair nicely with sea otter fur (an ocean going animal). I mix my own patina solutions to give my pieces a unique look.

Our Aim: To create pieces that are grounding allowing you to be present in your life

Our StoryMaterials & Care

Where it began


When I started Bering Sea Designs I just used fur and leather products. At this time I wasn't exposed to fur being used in Jewelry. So with this "new" idea I began creating and I felt it needed structure so I introduced the use of metal

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My first pieces


I created my first pieces of the angular collection. Sea otter fur with metal backing. This has led to many other collection and designs.

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Exploring Ideas


I introduced my signature technique of hand trimming sea fur. I explored body jewelry and designed a body piece which is a modern take on regalia.

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Body jewelry with blues and silvery tones

New Collection


I debut my new Diamond Collection at Alaska Fashion
Week 2023.


Blog posts

Where it all began

Where it all began

WHERE IT BEGAN In 2017 when started Bering Sea Designs I just used fur and leather products. Using inspiration from other Alaska Native artist that have come before me. At this time I wasn't exp...

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Patina earrings with exposed copper

Patina earrings with exposed copper

So these patina earrings turned out crazy! Blue/green patina with copper poking though! Sometimes the patina process make me want to pull my hair out but then this happens. See all of my Patin...

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How using sea otter fur is so natural for me

How using sea otter fur is so natural for me

There is something about the ocean that makes me feel so present. 🌊 I think that’s why I am ever so slightly inspired by it. Why using materials like Sea Otter Fur is so natural for me. Chec...

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Featured in Alaska Fashion Week 2021, 2022 and 2023