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The Angular Collection

organic & geometric design 


natural & sustainable elements


modern handcrafted sea otter fur jewelry 

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Sea Otter Fur

1 million hairs per square inch


most luxurious & unique fur

Every product I create is made with real sea otter fur & other sustainable materials

About Me

Hi. I am Carley Thayer an Alaskan Native originally from the Aleutian Islands. Currently living in Juneau, Alaska.

I recently became a mom to a spirited handsome little boy who is my greatest passion.

I started Bering Sea Designs with the idea to create unique pieces from natural and sustainable elements. I use material such as sea otter fur that my ancestors have harvested for generations as well as metals and leather. 

Marine Mammal Protection Act

Under the Marine Mammal Protection Act Sea Otter Fur products are not allowed to be shipped internationally. For more information visit U.S Fish and Wildlife


Photos by Kourtney Johnson 

Find her @mountain_valkyrie