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Article: Behind the scenes questions about the artist

Behind the scenes questions about the artist

Behind the scenes questions about the artist

The artist life. A behind the scenes view.

Hi there! For those who have been here a while, thanks for being here! And for the newbie, welcome I am so glad your here! I hope you learn a little something new about me today.

Name: Carley Thayer

Business: Bering Sea Designs

Years doing this thing: 2.5 years.

Hometown: Juneau, Alaska

Best feature: I love hard work, especially physical labor. Chopping wood, building a tiny name it

Worst quality: I can be kind of a hard ass especially on my husband.

Weekend hobby: playing outside

Dream vacation: road trip across the US with my family

Guilty pleasure: chocolate chip cookies (dairy free)

So there you have it! Is that what you expected?

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