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Bering Sea Designs

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Bering Sea Designs Gift Card
Bering Sea Designs Gift Card Sale priceFrom $5.00
Sold outChoker no.1
Choker no.1 Sale price$225.00
Sold outCones no. 6
Cones no. 6 Sale price$40.00
Sold outCopper Body PieceCopper Body Piece
Copper Body Piece Sale price$2,500.00
Sold outCopper Bracelet no.1
Copper Bracelet no.1 Sale price$180.00
Copper Trimmed CuffCopper Trimmed Cuff
Copper Trimmed Cuff Sale price$350.00
Diamond BraletteBody jewelry with blues and silvery tones
Diamond Bralette Sale price$2,500.00
Save $50.00Diamond chokerDiamond choker
Diamond choker Sale price$550.00 Regular price$600.00
Sold outDiamond no.1Diamond no.1
Diamond no.1 Sale price$225.00
Ethereal Neckpiece no.1Ethereal Neckpiece no.1
Ethereal Neckpiece no.1 Sale price$350.00
Sold outEthereal no.1
Ethereal no.1 Sale price$175.00
Sold outFlow no.1
Flow no.1 Sale price$70.00
Sold outMini Angular no.1
Mini Angular no.1 Sale price$60.00
Mini Patina necklace no.1Mini Patina necklace no.1
Mini Patina necklace no.1 Sale price$100.00
Mini Patina necklace no.2
Mini Patina necklace no.2 Sale price$100.00
Sold outMini Patina no. 1
Mini Patina no. 1 Sale price$80.00
Mini reverse necklace no.1Mini reverse necklace no.1
Mini reverse necklace no.3
Sold outMini Reverse no.1
Mini Reverse no.1 Sale price$70.00
Sold outMini Reverse no.3
Mini Reverse no.3 Sale price$70.00
Sold outMini Wave no.1
Mini Wave no.1 Sale price$90.00
Neckpiece with WhiskersNeckpiece with Whiskers
Neckpiece with Whiskers Sale price$400.00
Sold outPatina necklace no.1Patina necklace no.1
Patina necklace no.1 Sale price$110.00
Sold outPatina no. 1
Patina no. 1 Sale price$90.00
Sold outPatina Trimmed CuffPatina Trimmed Cuff
Patina Trimmed Cuff Sale price$375.00
Sold outPatina'd Body PiecePatina'd Body Piece
Patina'd Body Piece Sale price$2,500.00
Save $150.00Pendant chokerPendant choker
Pendant choker Sale price$400.00 Regular price$550.00
Sold outReverse no.1
Reverse no.1 Sale price$80.00
Sold outReverse no.3
Reverse no.3 Sale price$80.00
Sold outTrimmed CuffTrimmed Cuff
Trimmed Cuff Sale price$375.00
Wall Hanging Sale price$400.00
Sold outWall hanging no. 1Wall hanging no. 1
Wall hanging no. 1 Sale price$400.00
Wall hanging no.2
Wall hanging no.2 Sale price$400.00
Sold outWhisker CuffWhisker Cuff
Whisker Cuff Sale price$450.00
Sold outWhisker EtherealWhisker Ethereal
Whisker Ethereal Sale price$300.00