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Article: Big bold statement neckpieces

Big bold statement neckpieces

Big bold statement neckpieces

My new neckpieces are one of a kind and will make a statement! Patina finished brass with trimmed sea otter fur and hammered bronze dangles.
Boho necklace with blue and silver tones
The sea otter fur has silver tones that shimmer and you move, giving this piece a dynamic appearance. To shop neckpieces go here!

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Unique statement bracelet with sea otter fur

The Patina Bracelet

Introducing the Patina Bracelet. A copper band with a unique Patina and copper detailing adorned with trimmed Sea Otter Fur (what I call Sea Otter velvet because it’s unreal soft)! Check it out here!

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Bold necklace


I just love when your wearing a piece of jewelry that makes a statement. I love to create these kind of pieces! Check out my one of a kind statement pieces here! 

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